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  • Accommodates:
  • Air Conditioners
  • Extra tall sides
  • All types of front ends
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  • Completely Waterproof RV Top Cover
  • Fits Over All Accessories, Air Conditioners, Etc.
  • 18" Tie Down / Grommet Spacing
  • Super Tear Resistant
  • Acid and UV Resistant
  • Reinforced Corner Guards and Rope Reinforced Edges
  • NOTE: Finished size is 6" shorter in length and width than listed size.


  • Available in Arctic White or Desert Tan
  • Accommodates:
  • Air Conditioners
  • Extra tall sides
  • All types of front ends


Eevelle RVT Roof Top Cover Brand

RVT/RV Tarp Waterproof Roof Top

Unlike many standard poly tarps this RV roof top cover is specially designed to keep your RV roof cool and waterproof. These heavy-duty outdoor RV tarps are resistant to high levels of wear and tear and can endure all weather systems, but are uniquely suited for situations that require a bit more waterproofing. Our RVT tarps are constructed from thick polyethylene fabric and contain a 14 x 14 mesh count, allowing for the right blend of coverage and breathability.

These poly tarps will resist mildew, acid and mold buildup by letting a small amount of air pass through, helping to keep your RV roof completely clean and dry. They're also UV treated with our Durapel weather finish, so they protect your rooftop from any harmful sun rays that can cause fading, cracking and warping. Each RV Top tarp is fashioned with grommet tie down points that are 18 inches apart, plus reinforced corner guards for long-term durability. The 1,200 denier count material promises to deliver arctic flexibility, allowing it to function well at freezing temperatures or in hot desert weather. The RV Tarp is designed to fit many styles of RVs, including 5th wheels, travel trailers, and Class A, B, and C motor homes. A quick and fully waterproof cover up has never been easier!

RVT Features:

    • Completely waterproof tarp
    • Tarp covers only the RV roof
    • Fits over all accessories, fits easily over air conditioners, AC, satellites, horns, etc.
    • Easy to install RV tarp
    • 18" tie down / grommet spacing around tarp edge
    • 1200 Denier
    • Super tear resistant
    • UV resistant
    • Acid resistant
    • Reinforced corners guards
    • Rope reinforced tarp edges

RVT Tarp Sizes Available:


  • 20' Long x 16' Wide tarp (Finished Size: 19'6" x 15'6")
  • 24' Long x 16' Wide tarp (Finished Size: 23'6" x 15'6")
  • 30' Long x 16' Wide tarp (Finished Size: 29'6" x 15'6")
  • 40' Long x 20' Wide tarp (Extra Wide) (Finished Size: 39'6" x 19'6")
  • 50' Long x 20' Wide tarp (Extra Wide) (Finished Size: 49'6" x 19'6")


  • Arctic White
  • Desert Tan
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